Fortnite Server Maintenance and v26.00 Patch Release Scheduled for August 25th

Fortnite server

Starting today, August 25, Fortnite will experience downtime and a post-update. The current season’s downtime ends with this. It’s time to say goodbye to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 and enter the final phase of Chapter 4 Season 4 with mixed feelings.

Like other seasonal releases, this one has been planned a little early. The servers are anticipated to be out until about 2:30 AM UTC, with the event scheduled to start at 3 AM UTC.

To prevent losing their collected resources or progress in Save the World mode, players should log out. In contrast, players in the Battle Royale mode are free to stay until the very end because their actions will have no effect on the game.

In Chapter 4, Epic Games’ updates are more organized. Updates no longer take a full day or more to complete, as they once did; they now just take a few hours.

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The update will begin at 3 AM UTC as previously announced, and it will conclude after more than four hours. The disruption is anticipated to end at about 7:00 AM UTC, based on rough estimates.

Epic Games has stated that the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 update would be larger than usual. It’s expected because this is an upgrade for a new season, and even while slower internet connections may cause lengthier download times, the wait will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

Lots of new content is planned for the next stage of the story. A new opponent named Kado Thorn is introduced. He is a time-traveling demon who enjoys collecting things from the past. He is probably also the cause of the island’s impending doom, but that is a story for later.

Speaking of story, Ghillie Gill is on board, appearing in several new outfits (shown as Battle Pass gear) as he tries to stop Kado and pull off a massive heist during his mission.

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Several new weapons/items have been added to the Loot Bank to make these quests easier, including the Trade Burj, Ram Rocket, and the EMP Shield Breaker Grenade, which should make breaking into the vault easier.

With the changes happening on the horizon of the island, new named places/KPs are also added. They are luxurious and may be related to the Kado Thorn.

It is possible that one of those places is his fortress, which contains all the things he has collected over the years. The Kinetic Blade or a new variation of it will also be introduced later in the story following the mythos of the previous season.

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A new vehicle will be introduced to the island, giving players more options to move from place to place without breaking a sweat.

Finally, Fortnite teamed up with Star Wars again, bringing Ahsoka Tano to the metaverse. There is also a possibility of a collaboration with My Hero Academia at the end of this season, but confirmation is still pending.

Regardless of Epic Games collaborating with multiple anime franchises, it’s sure to be a hit sooner or later.