To evaluate the dependability of BMW electric vehicles, there are a few special factors to consider.

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Are BMW Electric Cars Reliable?

i3 has often proven dependable, there have been a few complaints of battery deterioration over time. But BMW offers a 10-year battery warranty for the i3, so owners should be covered in case of any problems.

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Age of the car

Consider a BMW electric car with a greater range if you frequently drive long distances.

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Model of the  car

Avoid doing a lot of short-distance driving with your BMW electric car if you have a long commute or frequently do road trips.

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Your own driving habits

BMW will send a volunteer to help you if your car needs maintenance while you’re driving. BMW also offers roadside support.

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BMW’s track record of customer service

The only major maintenance item for electric cars is the battery. The battery is, however, protected by a warranty, so you shouldn’t be responsible for any significant battery repairs.

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The cost of maintenance for electric cars

Electric vehicles frequently have a higher resale value than vehicles fueled by gasoline.

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The resale value of electric cars

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