To find pets on Craigslist, follow these simple steps, and you can bring right buddy to your home while protecting yourself from taking wrong pet

Open the Craigslist app or website. In the search bar, type “pets” and then select your location. To make your search more specific, use the search filters. Filtering options include breed, age, gender, size, and other factors. Continue....


Carefully read the descriptions. You will learn more about the animal’s health, temperament, and maintenance requirements from this.


Ask questions. Ask the seller as many questions as you like about the animal’s disposition, history of vaccinations, and general health. You should also ask for proof of ownership.


Meet the animal in person. The greatest approach to assess the animal’s well being and temperament is to do so in person. Trust your gut. Be willing to leave if something doesn’t feel right.


Be tolerant Finding the ideal pet for you could take some time.


Be ready to pay a charge for rehoming. Many responsible pet owners charge a rehoming fee when they rehome their animals.


Make research. Do some research on the breed you’re interested in before contacting any sellers.


For more details information and tips to find your buddy with your safety please follow the link below


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