What is an Urban Garden?

A particular kind of garden that is developed and maintained in an urban or metropolitan area is called an urban garden.

Questions About Urban Gardening Answered" 

Is Urban Gardening Profitable? How to Start Your Urban Garden Benefits for the Urban Ecosystem Can Urban Gardens Provide Enough Food? Vertical Gardens in Urban Living Disadvantages of Urban Gardening 

Is Urban Gardening Profitable?  

Yes, Urban gardening may be profitable, but this is not guaranteed and depends on a number of different conditions. While some urban gardeners just do it for their own enjoyment and sustainability, others make it a successful business. 

How to Start Your Urban Garden  

check your surroundings and select an appropriate location with adequate daylight. because most plants thrive when they receive 6 hours of daylight every day. 

Benefits for the Urban Ecosystem 

Gardens within the city provide a breath of fresh air. By absorbing carbon dioxide and exhaling necessary oxygen, these green areas act as the city’s lungs and improve the quality and stimulation of the air we breathe. 

Vertical Gardens in Urban Living 

In crowded cities where green spaces are scarce, tall gardens make the most of limited space. Without using any valuable floor space, they may cultivate a variety of plants. 

Disadvantages of Urban Gardening 

In cities, we often have small yards or balconies, so there is not much space for large gardens. 

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